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Joe Caracci
Public Works
August 21, 2018

Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing the Execution of a Design Engineering Services Contract for the White Pines Water Main Replacement Project with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. in the Not-to-Exceed Amount of $437,323.26



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August 21, 2018

The Village of Bensenville currently provides Lake Michigan water to the unincorporated residents of the White Pines subdivision. The existing water main has passed its useful life and has experienced repeated water main breaks and infrastructure failures in the past ten years. The existing water mains reside mostly in the rear yards of the properties and are very difficult to access for maintenance and repair. Replacement and relocation of the water mains and other water distribution infrastructure is necessary.


The history behind efforts to perform a project to replace the water system in White Pines is vast. Rate increases and surcharges to the water bills have been proposed and partially implemented. The previous administration and DuPage County made attempts to move forward with the project.The current directive is to design and construct the upgraded water system. 


Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL) has been involved with the design and research of this project since 2008. Staff believes it would be in the best interest of the Village to retain the services of CBBEL once again to build upon any research previously performed. The scope of work on the proposed agreement includes: IEPA Loan Assistance, existing conditions verification, supplemental topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, corrosion control and protection design study, utility coordination, development of pre-final and final plans, specs and estimates, development of a stormwater pollution prevention plan, bidding assistance, attendance at project meetings, property owner coordination assistance, and construction support. The total cost of the proposed agreement for these tasks is $352,888.21.


Due to the anticipation of rerouting private service lines from the rear of homes to the right-of-way in the front of homes, staff also requested optional tasks that include private property reconnaissance (drone video) and design of improvements on private property. Staff feels that performing this research and design ahead of project bidding will yield fewer surprises in the field and a better bid price for service line replacements. The cost of these two additional tasks is $84,435.05


A third optional task was requested that will we do not intent to utilize. This task was included in the event the soils in the area are shown to be corrosive in nature. Soils are to be tested as part of Task 5 of the base scope. Should corrosive soils be found, we would intent to utilize zinc coated ductile iron pipe in lieu of cathodic protection on the pipe network. 


The recommended total cost for the design engineering is $437,323.26


Based on preliminary estimates the project is approximately $7,100,000 including design and construction engineering costs, CBBEL’s not-to-exceed proposal of $437,323.26 is approximately 6.2% of the Engineer’s estimated cost for the project. Design engineering costs typically fall in the 7-10% range.


The scope of work consists improvements along Church Rd, Forest view Dr, White Pines Rd, Red Oak St, Crest Ave, 3rd Ave, IL-83, Briar Ln, Pine Grove Ave, Ridgewood Ave, Hawthorne Ave, Woodland Ave, Fischer Dr and Frontage Rd.


1. Base bid - $352,888.21

2. Base bid plus recommended alternatives - $437,323.26

3. Discretion of the Committee


Staff recommends approval of the engineering services agreement with CBBEL in the not-to-exceed amount of $437,323.26.


This item will be billed against the Unincorporated Utility fund account number 51500000 - 536510 


Approval of a Resolution authorizing the execution of a Design Engineering Services Contract for the White Pines Water Main Replacement Project with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. in the not-to-exceed amount of $437,323.26.

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